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Toxic Tort Personal Injury Cases in NY

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New York City Toxic Tort Personal Injury Cases A toxic tort personal injury case is one of the most complicated personal injury claims to prove. Unlike a slip and fall accident or a car accident, a toxic tort personal injury case doesn’t have a clear series of events that led to the accident. Instead, the damage is done over an extended period of time, often growing slowly until it becomes a problem. In order to win a toxic tort case, […]

New York Personal Injury Regulations

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If you’ve been injured in the state of New York, you’re probably hoping to file a personal injury claim to retrieve some compensation. While many people can benefit from pursuing a legitimate personal injury claim, there are some laws you need to understand to fully comply with New York City personal injury regulations. Before you begin your claim, keep in mind the following laws and statutory rules. Statute of Limitations After the injury, you only have a certain amount of […]

Held & Hines’ LLP Expands Into Larger Manhattan Office

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On January 1, 2017, just three (3) years after opening their first Manhattan Office, the Law Firm of Held & Hines, LLP has expanded once again moving into a larger Manhattan office space. The new law office, with over 7000 square feet, is conveniently located at 370 Lexington Avenue (corner of 41st Street), Suite 800, New York, New York, just one (1) block from Grand Central Station. With triple the size, the latest technology, great staff and multiple conference rooms, […]

Failure to Diagnose Legal Cases

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No one wants to get bad news from their doctor, but it is even worse to hear that there was something that your doctor missed. Unfortunately, it isn’t all that uncommon for a doctor to overlook something that ends up being serious. A failure to diagnose is not usually caused by a doctor’s intent to hide something from you. They tend to appear because of a doctor or medical professional’s carelessness when handling important aspects of your care. However, this […]

Avoiding Injuries During the Holidays

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The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone. With busy schedules, guests visiting from out of town, and decorations to put out, it is easy to be more than a little distracted during the holiday season. When we’re focused on other things, we’re more prone to accidents and injuries. To avoid injury-causing hazards this holiday season, here are a few steps you’ll want to take. Keep the kitchen clear: Cooking is one of the biggest parts of the holiday […]

Construction Accident Personal Injury Claim Process

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Construction workers in New York City are no strangers to accidents. While working in such a dangerous profession, it’s not uncommon for construction workers or visitors to the site to get injured. But even though some level of danger is expected at a construction site, victims of construction accidents have a few options for receiving protection and compensation. To begin receiving the assistance you may deserve, you need to know your rights and understand if you have a personal injury […]

Personal Injury Settlement Tax Laws and Exceptions

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When you and your personal injury attorney are attempting to come to a settlement for your case, you’re probably being thrown dozens of numbers. While they all may sound like a great settlement amount, you’re probably not considering how much of that money will actually end up in your pocket. After you pay your lawyer their fee, your personal injury settlement may still be taxable. When Is My Personal Injury Settlement Taxable? If you are receiving monetary compensation from a […]

Securing Compensation Following a Motor Vehicle Accident

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Anyone who has ever been in a motor vehicle accident knows the level of fear and stress that comes after. Between needing to make repairs on your vehicle, receiving medical treatment for your injuries, and wondering how you are possibly going to pay for all the damages can leave you with your head spinning. But if you feel like your situation is getting out of control, you may want to consider hiring a personal injury attorney. How Can a Personal […]

Requirements for a Legitimate Slip and Fall Lawsuit

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Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common personal injury accidents. As a “premise liability” case, slip and fall accidents generally happen when a property owner is negligent or otherwise does not take the proper care and maintenance of their home and the surrounding area. But simply falling at someone else’s home does not constitute a slip and fall case. In order for you to truly have a personal injury slip and fall claim, you need to meet […]

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