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Never Discuss your PI Case with Others!

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The Dangers of Discussing Your Personal Injury Case with Others

Talking about any legal matter with other people is often not the best idea, but it’s an especially bad idea to do so when it’s a personal injury case. There are a few different reasons why saying anything about your case can cause you issues later on.

You Never Know Who May Be Called to Testify

It’s possible some of your friends or even family members could be called to testify, especially if they witnessed the accident or can speak about your injuries following the accident. They will be under oath in court and will have to honestly answer any question asked or risk charges of perjury. If you’ve told them anything about your case, especially things you don’t want the other party to know, there’s a chance they will have to repeat it in court.

They Could Repeat It

You can control what you tell other people, but you can’t control what they say. Even if someone promises they won’t repeat any information you share, you can’t know for certain they won’t say anything. People often believe their spouse doesn’t count in such a promise, so they may share details with them. Their spouse could then say something to someone else. Gossip can quickly get out, and you never know who will end up hearing something, even if what they hear is actually wrong or only partially the truth. That partial truth could end up in court, hurting your case.

The Other Side Won’t Hesitate to Use Anything They Hear

Remember that anything the other party learns can be used by them and their attorney. If you let slip privileged information to someone and that information reaches the other party, it’s very likely to be presented in court. This can destroy your case, especially if what you said makes it clear that you were partially or completely responsible for the accident.

It’s best that you never say anything about your personal injury cases, especially online or over any type of texting or messaging program. Those messages or posts could be introduced as hard evidence against you.

If you’ve been injured and want to bring a personal injury cast against someone, you need an expert on your side. Contact Held & Hines LLP today to schedule a consultation to get your case moving forward.

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