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The Most Common Injuries in the Workplace

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There are a lot of different ways you can be injured in the workplace. These injuries are often covered by workers’ compensation laws, so if you do suffer a workplace accident, you will usually be able to receive compensation. While that can be very comforting to know, most people would rather completely avoid any type of injury when at all possible. By understanding the most common injuries in the workplace, you can better see where a potential accident could occur and avoid it.

Slips or Falls

People slip and fall all the time in offices, factories, shops, and other workplaces. There are a number of reasons why. The floors may be wet or may have been recently waxed. There could also be cables or other wires running across the area that you trip over. If anyone is working on a ladder or scaffolding, there’s also the risk of falling. These injuries can often be avoided with proper signage and with finding alternative ways of running extension cords and other cables.

Falling Objects

Another related issue is when something falls from a high shelf and hits a person. This can occur in the storeroom, a warehouse, or just about any location where items are stored in high cabinets or shelves. You can even be injured by something in the breakroom if it’s stored up high. Using a stepladder (not a chair) and securing items on high shelves to help avoid this issue.


Most cuts that occur in offices and similar workplaces are fairly minor and can be treated with a bandage. However, those who work in factories, on construction sites, and at any other location where power tools and other sharp objects are used regularly, cuts can be much more serious. It’s absolutely important that you receive proper training for all power tools that you use and that you wear the right protective gear. Being aware of what’s going on around you can also help you avoid accidentally cutting yourself on a tool someone else is using.

These are just a few common workplace injuries. I’ve you’ve suffered any type of injury at work, you need to file a workers’ compensation claim as soon as possible. Contact the experts at Held & Hines for legal assistance.

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