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Held & Hines’ Lawsuit Published in Hampton’s Paper

Dan’s Paper: Held & Hines’ Lawsuit Published in Hampton’s Paper Dan’s Papers: Hypothetical Question: If Somebody Locked You In Their Office Against Your Will, What Would You Do? January 17, 2012 by David Rattiner I’m pretty much obsessed with this story about a local contractor accusing Southampton Town Councilman Jim Malone for locking him inside of his Suffolk County office after an argument over unpaid work. According to the New York Post, the accuser is Anthony Prosano, who is 23 […]

Newsday: Southampton Politician Lawsuit

Newsday: Held & Hines’ Lawsuit Against Southampton Politician Published in the Media Contractor accuses Southampton official Published: January 10, 2012 9:01 PM A Hampton Bays contractor has filed an $8,000 lien on the property of a Southampton Town councilman, accusing the official of failing to pay for work on his house. He also says the official held the contractor in the official’s office against his will during the dispute. Anthony Prosano, 23, said he was hired by Southampton Councilman James […]

NY Post: Marc Held, False Imprisonment of client

NY Post: Marc Held, Partner at Held & Hines, LLP is quoted re: False Imprisonment of client A power-crazed Hamptons politician locked a young contractor in his Southampton office and subjected him to a bizarre rant after bilking him out of thousands of dollars for work done on his Hampton Bays home, the angry businessman told The Post. The contractor, Anthony Prosano, 23, says he managed to audio-record the incident, in which the small-time politician is allegedly heard abusing the […]

Crain’s Business: Broker Company Break-up

“Brad Siderow is deeply disappointed that a person he trusted as a partner and friend would misappropriate company funds for the purposes of paying for his lavish lifestyle, including kids’ day camp, vacations, landscaping of his house and country club dues,” said Mr. Held.

Held & Hines Quoted Regarding Yair Levy’s Ban

The office of the attorney general has now taken extraordinary action against Yair Levy, by banning the sponsor from ever selling real estate again,” Mr. Held said. “It is the hope and expectation that Mr. Levy will improve the finances of the condominium by making restitution to the unit owners for what was done to them.”

The Real Deal: 30 Lincoln Square

“The aforesaid purchase agreement constituted ‘discriminatory inducements’ in favor of certain favored ‘tenants in occupancy’ in violation of the plan,” Held wrote in the complaint.

Crain’s Business: Boulevard East Condominium

Developers can’t use projects as their personal piggy banks,” said Mr. Held. “They must be held accountable for their ability to disclose this mortgage to people who purchase in this building and subsequent board members who took over Boulevard East.”

New York Times: Building Dispute

Marc Held, a lawyer representing the residents, said he filed the case because of the impending six-year statute of limitations under state law for buyers to sue developers for breach of contract or fraud.

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