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NEWSDAY: Civil Rights Case

It’s too often inmates’ reports of being victim to excessive force are covered up by prison officials and staff,” Hines said. “The vast majority of those victims never receive the acknowledgment or justice they deserve.”

NY Post: Held & Hines’ Rikers Case Reported In the Media

Rikers worker traded Popeyes chicken for sex with inmates: suit By Kathianne Boniello July 3, 2016 A Rikers Island health-clinic worker plied female inmates with Popeyes chicken, candy, gum and cigarettes in exchange for sex, the women claim in a lawsuit. By law, inmates are considered unable to consent to sex with their jailers and others in power over them. The three inmates say physician’s assistant Sidney Wilson “repeatedly raped, sexually assaulted and abused” them over two years, telling them he […]

NY Post: Uber Class-Action Lawsuit

“Uber drivers are employees of this billion dollar company, not independent contractors and deserve the same rights, benefits and compensation as permitted under New York State Law,” said Marc Held, a partner at Held and Hines.
“These are hard working men and women who are being exploited. Uber needs to recognize this and compensate them accordingly.”

Curbed: Held & Hines’ LLP Real Estate Transaction

Curbed: Held & Hines’ LLP Real Estate Transaction Covered by the Press Financial Guru Suze Orman Sells Her Plaza Apartment for $4M The money maven paid $3.6M for the apartment in 2007 BY ZOE ROSENBERG @ZOE_ROSENBERG MAR 17, 2016, 5:20P Corcoran Financial guru Suze Orman told the Journal in 2014 that if she can’t write a check for something, she can’t afford it. Well, the money maven can afford a whole lot more now—like, probably a whole other apartment. The […]

New York Post: Real Estate Transaction

New York Post: Held & Hines LLP’s Real Estate Transaction Covered by the Media Suze Orman sells apartment at Plaza Hotel for $4M By Jennifer Gould KeilMarch 17, 2016 | 6:19pm Suze Orman’s apartment at Plaza Hotel. Photo: Corcoran Money maven Suze Orman just sold her one-bedroom apartment at the Plaza Hotel for $4 million, according to city property records. Orman, a TV personality who doles out financial advice, sold her home for above its $3.995 million asking price. The […]

Held & Hines’ Class-Action Lawsuit Against NYC Landlords Protecting Seniors, Disabled

New York Law Journal: Held & Hines’ Class-Action Lawsuit Protecting Elderly and Disabled Residents Covered in the Media Lawsuit Alleges NYC Landlords Push Out Seniors, Disabled Jake Pearson, The Associated Press December 3, 2015 | 0 Comments Walter Goldsmith, a partner at Goldsmith & Fass AP/Frank Franklin II Inspired by his own experience living in a New York City apartment building that was converted into high-priced condos, a 71-year-old lawyer and former state regulator is taking on developers citywide on […]

ABC News: Class-Action Lawsuit

ABC News: Marc Held, Partner, Held & Hines, LLP Quoted Re: Class-Action Lawsuit Lawsuit: NYC Landlords Pushing out Seniors, Disabled The Associated Press Walter Goldsmith poses for a portrait Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015, in New York. Goldsmith claims in a state lawsuit filed late Tuesday that landlords have ignored a decades-old law that requires them to give tenants 62 and older and those with disabilities the option to stay-on as renters in their apartments rather than move away or buy […]

CNBC: Elderly and Disabled’s Rights Being Violated

Marc Held, the attorney bringing the lawsuit with Goldsmith, said at least a quarter of the building’s renters are either elderly or disabled, including at least one blind tenant. “These are apartments that are triple in value vacant what they are with a rent-regulated tenant in there,” he said. “There’s a tremendous financial incentive not to comply with the law.”

New York Post: Injured Worker

His lawyer, Marc J. Held of the firm Held & Hines, said the unions representing transit workers have asked the MTA to improve subway safety in part by having trains enter stations at slower speeds.
“Had the MTA followed these recommendations, Hector would be at work today instead of in a hospital bed recovering from unspeakable injuries,” Held said.

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